Akubekam Visit

I went to the clinic yesterday for my first akubekam treatment… and all went well.  I saw Dr. Sharifah Junaidah and she was very professional and helpful.  Of course some of our conversation was lost in translation… but for the most part I felt very confident letting her work on me.

First she took down my history and listed my ailments and complaints.  Since most of my responses were, “No… I don’t really have that problem.  It’s just the migraines.” I realized that I’m actually doing pretty good : )

Then she examined my fingernails (squeezing them and marking things on her chart) as well as my eyes… tracking my vision and listing the results.  Then we went into the “clinic.”  I undressed and put on something that wasn’t a paper gown, and wasn’t just a blanket.  It was like a super-sized Buff.  You know, a tube of fabric.  Except this one would have fit two other people in there with me : )

I lay face down on the table and she started the treatment.  She pressed on the trigger points (based on my ailments) and then when she found the “sweet spot” she put a vacuum cup there.  She left it for a moment and then used something that felt like a diabetic lancet to poke holes all over the area.  Then she reattached the vacuum cup and sometimes pumped it manually and sometimes attached it to an electric pump.  I was left with spots like these:

Middle lower-back area

Middle lower-back area

Upper back

Upper back… look at all that sun damage!

She ended up putting the vacuum cup on four spots on my back, two spots on my chest/sternum and a smaller cup on my temples, neck, and the top of my head.

When she would remove the cup there would be some blood and usually a small blood clot as well.  The thing was, it didn’t seem like the vacuum cup was sitting there long enough to make a clot.  I mean, I’ve had my share of injuries and nose bleeds… and blot should not clot that fast.  But mine did.

In fact, the vacuum cup she put on my right upper neck area (a spot really affected by my migraines) pulled out a blood clot the size of a lime!… and it felt great while it was doing it!

She explained (and I think I understood most of it) that she was removing blood from the skin and the capillaries, not from the blood stream… like when you have an IV inserted.  So the theory is that this “capillary blood” has been damaged.  Just like a cancer cell is damaged or sunburned skin cells are damaged, this blood is damaged and clots too fast.. leading to pain and migraine headaches.

The entire treatment took about two and a half hours and was really relaxing.  In fact I felt like I was going to fall asleep.  She gave me some herbs to take every night and also a bottle of “antibiotic” to put on the circles… it looks like soy sauce and smells like every Asian tea shop you’ve ever visited : )

So far I’ve only had one short bout of dizziness, and I feel fine.  She said I should come back for one more treatment, but I should wait one day.  Of course we’re leaving before I can go back… but if it seems to help, I’ll make my way back to Malaysia to see Dr. Junaidah again!