Damon and I have been married since… well, since forever.  We’ve always loved traveling (even though we haven’t always traveled together), and we’ve always been adventurous.  We had our son in 2004, moved to Austin, TX in 2009 and decided that the daily grind was not for us.  Now we’re on a year-long trip to see how world-schooling works and if we can manage to see some of the world in just one year.

The Three Trippin Billies

The Three Trippin Billies

The first reaction we get from people who hear we’re going on a year-long trip to the beach is, “Wow, how can you afford that?”  Well, we really can’t… and if you read the blog you’ll find out by how much.

This blog is a way to keep in touch with all our family/friends around the world, as well as being a scrapbook of our trip… a memoir for all three of us to relive our year off.


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  1. Good morning!

    Our names are Barbara and Vagner, we are a digital nomad couple from Brazil, working on a project called http://www.melhoresmomentosdavida.com

    We landed on your blog by chance, while trying to contacting Lauren and Dave after we saw their advertisement on the website http://www.housecarers.com for house-sitting in Koh Samui in July.

    As you have a post here about your experience I ended up reaching you instead of them.

    I am trying to find a way of contacting them because I really don`t want to pay $60 fee to become a member on the website and find out that the house is not available anymore. I would like to try to contact them by email if I could.

    By the way, we enjoyed reading about your experiences here!!!!

    Would you pleeeeease help us informing an email address that we could reach them? My email is mmdavida@gmail.com

    Many many thanks.

    Barbara Rocha

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