Nuad Bo-Rarn (Ancient Massage of Thailand)

I can’t say enough about ITM Massage School.  I enjoyed every bit of being there… well maybe not the part about my knees hurting so much, but you know what I mean!  I learned so much and it was joyful to be there every day.  I will miss it.  Here are a few of the highlights of attending ITM…

Qi Jong in the park on Friday mornings.

Qi Jong in the park on Friday mornings.

The entire class - all levels.

The entire class – all levels.

Outdoor racks for many pairs of flip flops...

Outdoor racks for many pairs of    flip flops…

Foot washing station

Foot washing station…

Downstairs lounge...

Downstairs lounge…


Shrine to Shivaga

Many Thai people practice Buddhism as a religion, or as a philosophy of life.  The Shrine to  the “Father Doctor” Shivaga Komarapaj (the creator of Thai Massage), at ITM is available for everyone to enjoy, but it is not intended for people to worship.  Even statues of Buddha are not meant to be worshiped.  Statues (in Buddhism) are used to pay respect.  Bowing or leaving gifts at the shrine is an expression of gratitude for the teaching… not an offering.


I got a rare photo in one of the classrooms… they normally frown on taking pictures during the instruction.  My teacher Noo wanted me to remember these two specific moves, so she asked another teacher to take photos of me performing these stretches.












And look at my walk home everyday…

What a wonderful way to experience Chiang Mai : )


2 thoughts on “Nuad Bo-Rarn (Ancient Massage of Thailand)

  1. They even have graffiti there! Why did your knees hurt doing massage? This was a trip of a lifetime — awesome experiences and memories!

  2. I know, right? I thought the graffiti was awesome. There’s something cool about it when it’s in another alphabet.

    My right knee has been giving me trouble on/off the last few years. Thai massage is performed on the floor, so I was getting up/down hundreds of times a day… so my knee was protesting. And I can’t sit “Japanese style” AT ALL. I had to modify almost all of the massage positions. The teachers were really helpful with that… but they couldn’t help with the main problem.

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