Chiang Mai Zoo

We finally made our way out to the Chiang Mai zoo… a 200 Thb taxi ride that was well worth it.  If you go, be prepared for virtually nothing to be written in English!

Chiang Mai Zoo Wesley

Chiang Mai Zoo is ALL about the elephants!  We got to feed the Papa, Mama and Baby elephant fresh sugar cane… it was cool!  We saw the seal show, the orangutan, koalas, flamingoes and even the white tigers : )

It was a great trip for such a cheap entrance fee.  The bus drives you around the STEEP hillside location, you just have to hop on and hop off at whatever attraction you’re interested in seeing.  A winner all around!

Can we go home now?

Can we go home now?


2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Zoo

  1. That last picture of Wesley has the same look Damon always had when he had to go shopping My goodness he does look like he has grown a foot.

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