Akubekam Treatment… 21st Century Bloodletting?

Many of you know I’ve suffered from migraine headaches for most of my life… after my last birthday I can tell you it’s been thirty years since my first migraine.  I remember it well.  We were moving across country the next day and I had to pack my suitcase for the road trip… I ended up throwing in the worst mis-mash of clothes and one pair of flip-flops so that I could just lay down and hope for death.  That was in 1982.

Since then I’ve tried various medications, IV treatments, acupuncture, diets, yoga, occipital injections, even surgery to reduce the frequency and/or severity of my migraines.  Basically they have only gotten slowly worse as I’ve aged.

Now we’re in Malaysia and there is a treatment here known as akubekam that may deliver some results.  It is only offered in Malaysia from one doctor.  Damon looked at the site and called it “snake oil” and basically “using leeches.”  I quite agree with him.  The thing is though… I’ll do anything to avoid having a migraine.  ANYTHING.  

We are all going to the appointment together later today… I think Damon mostly wants to be there to check it out on his own, and protect me from the doctor.  I guess that’s what husbands are supposed to do : )

Hopefully I will have great news after my appointment.  Wish me well!



1 thought on “Akubekam Treatment… 21st Century Bloodletting?

  1. I am so excited that you might find something that will give you some relief. Snake oil, leeches or whatever, if you can get some help I will be sooooooooooooooooo happy for you

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