Chaweng Beach

We are finally back among our own kind!  We’re in the city and loving every minute of it : )


We left the suburbs (and the house-sit) and headed for Chaweng Beach… the party beach of Koh Samui.  Actually, it’s a “normal” beach during the day… but after sunset it’s a never-ending string of bars & nightclubs along the beach.

We found one place called “Ark Bar” that sets up a restaurant on the beach with lights and music… we had to check it out.

Fire Performer

and Fire Performers!

Wesley was not that into it at all… until a woman came around selling trinkets.  Including a green laser pen that seemed to shoot at least 1km down the beach… we saw it hit an airplane that was taking off overhead!  AND it had a prism attachment.

Damon with "dots"

Damon with “dots”

Don't shoot your eye out!

Don’t shoot your eye out!

 Robin with green laser

So of course we had to purchase one!

Our hotel in Chaweng was wonderful!  We stayed at the Beachcomber Hotel… a little hotel on the beach with a restaurant and pool.  We thought it was fabulous.

Making himself at home : )

Making himself at home : )

The room said it came with air-con, an en suite bathroom and a double and twin bed.  We have found that to be the most confusing thing about booking hotel rooms in Asia… the beds.  When they say it has a “twin bed” they might mean it has a single… perfect for Wesley.  When they say a “double” they might mean a twin or double bed… not a queen and barely enough room for two.  Except for the times that they DON’T mean that and a double is a room with two SINGLE beds. You always have to check!


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