Moped Mayhem

I suffered my first injury while on my motorbike.

Did I have a wreck?

Did I get hit by another moped?

Did I run off the road like some crazy “faring”?

In a word, no.  The damn thing was parked when I did this:



The moped I’m driving is a Yamaha Wave… and it’s awesome.  I feel great driving it… I can handle the throttle, brake, check my mirrors, flip the turn signal, cruise around, flip OFF the turn signal (because it isn’t automatic), and feel perfectly in control.

Wish mine had the cargo back.

Wish mine had the cargo back.

The problem is it’s so HEAVY.  When it’s parked, I can barely move the thing!  Mopeds (or motorbikes, as they call them here), don’t come with a reverse gear.  So when I’m trying to back out of a parking space I’m doing it under my own power.

I parked the bike on the side of the road in front of a store yesterday… next to four or five other bikes.  What I didn’t really notice was the level change between the road and the “ditch” area where everyone was parked.  Believe me, I’ll pay more attention next time.  When I came back out, I realized I was in trouble.

I tried swiveling the bike around to get it pointed forward, so I could use the engine (going forward) to help me over the bump… and you see the resulting injury.

From now on, it’s only level parking lots for me.


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