How to Pack – An Extended Vacation

I recently sent out a tweet for #lushtravels listing my “Must-Have” bathroom items for travel.  I listed only my absolute must-haves… not all of my wants.  That list goes on and on with all of the essential oils I would like to bring along with me.

But getting ready for this trip I knew I couldn’t take all of my oils… or all of my “beach” clothes… or all of anything.  Packing for this trip was totally new…  I wasn’t just taking a 10-day vacation… this is my new LIFE.  And Damon & I are having to road-school Wesley along the way.

I used a template for a beach vacation of clothes.. something that I found on this website via Pinterest.

It was a great post and it reminds me of outfits that I should wear.  But this post is not about flip-flops and swimsuits… you know you should bring those.  This is about the other things that make life easier.  After being on the road for more than a month, I have my new & improved packing list.  I’ll follow it up with another post of what I wish I hadn’t wasted space on, and what I desperately which I’d brought with me.

  • Bug spray – bring at least one bottle with you to Asia.  Mosquitos are bad at night and can sometimes carry disease.  Most stores do carry bug sprays, but when we first went shopping we had no idea what was a bug spray for your skin (i.e. Off) and what was a bug spray for your home (i.e. Raid).  That’s a mistake I really didn’t want to make!  Until we figured out which brand was which, I was glad we had a stash of our own in the suitcase.
  • Baby Powder – this stuff works miracles on getting sand off of you when you are still a little damp from the sea air.  In Thailand, only the restaurants that are huts on the beach are okay with you walking in with wet swimsuits and flimsy cover-ups.  If you’re going back into town anywhere, you need to get your wet swimsuit off and get dressed.  It’s a helluva lot easier with baby powder!
  • Sprigs Wrist Wallet – I’ve only had this thing for a few years, but now I’m not sure how I ever lived without it.  I can fit my ID, credit card, lip balm and cash right on my wrist and NEVER worry about anything happening to it.  Of course it’s not waterproof, it won’t fit my passport, and it does get hot on my wrist sometimes… but I just switch sides as the evening goes on.  I don’t worry about having my purse snatched and i always have what I need with me.
  • Headbands/Barrettes – whatever accessories you need for what I call your “wet head hair.”  You’ll constantly be getting wet… pools, ocean swims, thunderstorms, etc., and you won’t have time to go back home for a re-do.  Toss of few of your favorites in your beach bag, your backpack, your purse, wherever.  You’ll always be able to find one handy.
  • Fragrant Candle – this has come in handy when the power has gone out and even though we haven’t experienced it yet in Thailand, the time will come when we get a smelly hotel room.  Nothing helps that situation better than a clean smelling candle.  It’s also great to put in your bag to keep your clothes from smelling musty.
  • Travel Folder – copies of everything… our marriage certificate, Wesley’s birth certificate, immunization records, passports, prescriptions, etc.  I also put in phone numbers of our family, credit card 800 numbers, and helpful info.  We haven’t had to use this much but I’m glad that I have it.  I used a folder with clear plastic protective sleeves so it’s small enough to fit into a hotel safe.  It makes me feel a ton safer just knowing it’s there.
  • Kindle – this is not just a “must have” because of the games… it’s also necessary for Wesley’s school.  He has a reading list for 3rd grade, and we can’t bring along all of those books.  Even if we brought paperbacks, they would get way too heavy.  Also, we haven’t been able to buy books written in English here. But we have an entire library right in our Kindle : )  I love having it for all those reasons… and because it’s a Kindle Fire, we can also get internet access.
  • Eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries – these things are amazing! We starting buying the eneloop brand pre-2009 and have never been disappointed. We’ve lost batteries, but I don’t think we’ve ever thrown one away because it wouldn’t take a charge anymore. I use these for my external mouse and Wesley’s x-box controller… two things I don’t want to lose in the middle of a bus ride or a long post.
  • Hanging Mesh Pouch Bag – this thing is the best!  When you’re in a hotel room it seems like your suitcase just explodes… suddenly there’s stuff everywhere.  This pouch bag hanging on the door is a lifesaver.  Everything we might need to grab is right by the door… camera, sunscreen, baby powder, bug spray, goggles, shopping bags, ziploc bags, etc.  We don’t have to go hunting all over the hotel room to find the camera when everyone is ready to go.
So we're ready to go...

Ready to go!

What would you take with you on an extended trip?

What would you leave at home?

What would you hope (and pray!) you can get there?

I’d love to hear your tips on what makes traveling for your family easier… and what would make traveling with a road-schooled 9 year-old even better.



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