We Found a House-Sit!

Six months ago when we first started dreaming about this trip, I was trying to find out any information I could about selling our stuff and traveling for a year… and I found the blog Where is Jenny?  She had some great information on garage sales, Craigslist, mystery shopping and alternative accommodations.  One of them was house-sitting internationally.

I signed up with Housecarers, Mind My House, and I sometimes check in at The Caretaker Gazette.  I figured it would be a great experience for us to LIVE somewhere.  What’s more local that taking your dog for a walk?  What better way to feel like you live there than to carry your groceries (of pet food) into a real house and prepare food in a real kitchen?  Besides the obvious cost savings, Wesley is a real home-body.  He doesn’t like leaving the house, let alone changing hotels.  Besides, he really misses Snowflake, Bella & BlackJack.  (Actually, I think we all do).  I thought it would be good for all of us to get some pet snuggles… even if we are “stealing” them from another families pets : )

The problem is, competition is fierce for people who live in desirable areas… and South East Asia is a desirable location!  We were turned down for a long-term house sit in Pattaya (a beautiful home with private pool), because there are so many people willing to travel for free lodging.

But a house-sit came up that was relatively short, close-by, and with two of the cutest pets ever!  Meet Lola & Margot…

Look at that face!

Look at that face!

She's winking at me : )

She’s winking at me : )

We get to take care of these little guys for two weeks!  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to play on the beach with Lola and have Margot sit in my lap and purr.  I don’t dare tell Wesley about it yet… he’ll want to leave tomorrow.

If you run into him, don’t tell!


4 thoughts on “We Found a House-Sit!

  1. Don’t forget TrustedHousesitters.com – we get 90% of our house sits through them.

    Those look like some lovely pets you’re looking after 🙂

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