Pool School

Since we took the day off from school on Wednesday (we skipped and we’re proud of it!) we had to have school today… on Saturday.  But that’s okay, because we have Pool School.

Working on his geometry : )

Working on his geometry : )

One of the best things about pool school (besides the fact that Wesley can finish his entire school day between swim breaks), is our condo’s pool area.  It has tables, chairs, chaise lounges, free WiFi, power outlets, outdoor showers and bathrooms.

Today I decided to work with (instead of against), my boy who never wants to take a shower but always wants to go swimming.  I hid a hotel-sized freebie of body wash, shampoo & conditioner next to the outdoor shower.  When he finished swimming I had him wash himself, his swimsuit, and his hair all in the poolside shower… no fighting with him once we got back into the room.

School was done.

Wesley was clean.



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