Beach Day!

We finally got back out to the beach today!  We came to Thailand to be able to go to the beach everyday but its been forever since we actually went.  It’s been rainy, we’ve been sick, Wesley had school… we’ve had a million reasons why we couldn’t go to the beach.  But today was the day… I gave Wesley the day off so we could go out and play.

Damon & Wesley bashing waves


Gorgeous scenery of Thailand


Lunch spot on the beach

When we first arrived there was a red flag out – which is a warning for rough seas.  We tried to get into the water but it was just too rough.  Wesley was ready to go home when Damon noticed people swimming further down the beach.  We packed up our stuff and headed there and the waves were much better.  Still exciting but not slamming you into the rocks.  I don’t know what was different except for the slope of the sand… the steeper slope had rougher waves.

We stopped for lunch at a little restaurant on the beach and broke in our new beach mat.  No more paying 100 Thb to rent a chaise lounge!


Since there had been storms recently there was a LOT of litter on the beach… it gets washed up after every rainstorm we have.  It’s a shame to see it… but there’s not much the average tourist can do.  There are NO trash cans on the beach and no “Royal Beach Department of Thailand” that deals with garbage pick-up.  At least not that I’ve seen.  So every time we arrive there’s new litter.

Bottles, brooms and who knows what else?

The dreaded plastic water bottle…

So this is how I’ve decided to do my part… I hate to leave the beach feeling all gritty and sandy.  Damon says NO ONE in the world cares as much as I do about having sand on my feet.  I don’t know, it just bugs me.  If I know there’s no water and I can’t rinse off, I deal with it… but I would rather find a fresh-water shower and get the sand and grit OFF.

So far I’ve only seen ONE beach shower with freshwater… and it quit working the second time we went to the beach.  So now my plan is to use the litter on the beach to rinse off before hopping on the scooter to head home.  I grab one of the (plentiful) used bottles, fill it with seawater, and rinse off all of our feet.  One bottle does the job for all three of us if we use the “waterfall” method.

Take one plastic bottle...

Take one bottle…

... walk the path home...

… walk through the last bit of sand…

...and rinse.  Don't repeat!

…and rinse. No need to repeat!

Drop off at the handy recycling station.

Handy recycling station.

Drop off your used water bottle in the recycling station at the bridge to the beach… and you’re done!  You’re not gritty and you’ve removed (at least) one piece of litter from the beach.  Beach Day Success!


1 thought on “Beach Day!

  1. It is distressing to find litter washing up on the shores of beautiful beaches around the world. Hopefully individuals, governments and businesses can take more responsibility for their waste and stop dumping into streams, lakes and oceans.

    You may be interested in this blog post about beach litter:

    – John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator, Halton Region
    BLOG; TWITTER @HaltonRecycles

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