Down at the pub…

Friday night we headed down to the pub…



We became “members” of the Kamala Sports Club so that we can participate in their weekly drawing.  We saw a current member win $11,000 Thb just by picking the joker out of a deck of cards!  We’re in for next week for sure : )

Neighbors at our condo unit had suggested we drop by this pub… they have the joker drawing, a happy hour free buffet, free pool, and 50 Thb beers.  So of course we had to try it out.  Wesley would not get near any of the food in the buffet line… no surprise there.  So we ordered him a cheeseburger while we ate mashed potatoes & meatloaf, chicken fettucine alfredo, and roasted vegetables.  We chatted with our neighbors and their friends, got some info on a cheaper scooter rental (whoo hoo!), and drank a few beers each.

All in all a good time… and only a 550 Thb bill at the end of the night.  It seemed a little weird to go to a bar for the free food at happy hour instead of free drinks… but at 550 Thb, I could get used to it : )


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