Sick in Thailand

The boy was sick yesterday… in fact he came out of the bathroom looking white as a ghost.

Since Damon likes to self-diagnose, he started looking up symptoms & medication immediately.  I started giving him fluids.  I didn’t want to give him an antibiotic (or take him to the doctor) until he had it for 24 hours.  As long as he didn’t get dehydrated, I thought that would be fine… but Damon wanted to take him right away to the clinic.  We compromised by Damon going to the “good” pharmacy we found and asking for an antibiotic… and me refusing to give it to Wesley unless he had symptoms for 24 hours.
I got sick over the weekend of Wesley’s birthday and waited 48 hours before going to the hotel clinic and talking to the pharmacist… she told me right away that immodium and pepto would NOT be enough.  So I’ve already learned not to wait and make yourself miserable for two days.
Good news is Wesley didn’t have fever, and seemed to get better within about  6 hours : )  So we have the antibiotics in case we need it.
The bad news is, without talking to a doctor how do you we know that he’s really better?  Wesley can be SUPER-STOIC.  He’s had a double ear infection with strep throat and never complained.  I only took him to the doctor after his fever wouldn’t go down after 24 hours of Children’s motrin.  That was when he was 5-6 years old.
What can I say?  The kid is the strong & silent type.

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