Power Outage

Apparently the power going out in Thailand is just one of those things that happen.  And it happens frequently.  Luckily we’ve had experience with this from living in the country for the last few months.  In fact, we had an electricity free Christmas morning!  (BTW I don’t recommend it.  Just not having any coffee was a downer, let alone no breakfast, no lights, and no way to turn on our new toys!)

But back to Thailand… we’ve had two power outages since we’ve been at our “resort” apartment.  Since May 1st.  One was just for a few hours.  But the second was almost ALL-DAY.  In fact, they knew about it and put up a sign warning us.  So where does everyone go when the power is out in the rooms?

The pool!

Keeping cool in the pool.

Keeping cool in the pool.

Wesley and Damon played a few games, then timed each of us on how long we could hold our breath.  My record was a miserable 26 seconds.  Wesley’s was an amazing 1 minute 4 seconds!

Wesley in pool

Holding his breath and counting the seconds.

Since everyone came out of their rooms to hang at the pool, we got to meet some of our neighbors.  That part was great.  It’s amazing how much you miss speaking to someone in English and feeling like they really understand you.  We met our neighbors Jenna & Dave from New Zealand.  They are a retired couple who told us about a free happy hour dinner buffet tonight… all you can eat for a 50 Thb beer.

Sounds good to me… we’ll let you know how it goes!


1 thought on “Power Outage

  1. Power outages are really fun as long as you don’t have to cook. Candle light is so romantic unless you don’t have any coffee or food. Then it stinks.

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