My boy is sick : (

I HATE IT when my boy is sick.

I know every parent hates it when their child is sick… but it’s miserable for me.  Why?  Because Wesley doesn’t like for me to take care of him.  He doesn’t want to be doted on, he doesn’t want me to rub his back or read to him, he doesn’t want me to do anything but leave him alone.

He’s like his papa that way.

I’ve learned over the years how to deal with Damon when he’s sick.  It happens so rarely that it took me a long time to figure it out.  It goes something like this…

  • He mumbles “I don’t feel too great” and goes to lie down in bed.
  • He stumbles out 5 minutes later and says “Where’s the thermometer?”  I give it to him and he takes his temp, diagnoses himself, and goes back to bed.
  • I beg ask if he wants to go to the doctor.  He says no.
  • I place a glass of water, bottle of Advil, (or the appropriate medication), the TV remote, his iPhone, box of tissues, and a trash can on the nightstand.
  • I refill said items every 6-12 hours.
  • I do not offer to call the doctor again, I do not question his self-diagnosis and I ABSOLUTELY do not talk to him or offer comfort in any way.
  • He sleeps for 36-48 hours or until the virus has run its course.
  • He suddenly wakes up 36-48 hours later and  strips the bed, washes the sheets, takes a shower and says “Man, that really sucked!  Want to watch some Netflix?”

So my experience in being “loving and comforting” was limited to when Wesley was physically too small to get away from me… basically newborn to 10 months old.  And he had the audacity to be the healthiest baby ever.  I think he was sick all of one time before he was old enough to crawl away.

So he’s sick.  And I hate it.  And I’m trying my best to leave him alone.


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