*Almost* Perfect Day

Yesterday was the perfect day… almost.  I don’t believe in saying that anything is PERFECT.  In fact, I call it the “P” word.  Putting the label “perfect” on something puts too much pressure on it.

However, almost perfect is just as good.  None of the unrealistic high expectations… and all of the fun!

I got to sleep in late (which is always nice), and I wasn’t too achy from the hard bed.  (Maybe I’m getting used to these super-firm Thai beds?)  Wesley did a full day of schoolwork while Damon and I researched our trip to Penang… and we finally booked a much cheaper option.  Things were looking pretty good : )

We got everything done in time to still go to the beach.  Remember that our condo has a shuttle bus that can take us for free?  I rushed around to catch the 4:30pm bus… changed into a swimsuit, put on sunscreen, grabbed my phone, etc., and hopped on the shuttle bus.  Damon and Wesley followed me on the motorbike.  I feel a little weird about putting all three of us on the small motorbike.  I’d like to avoid it if at all possible.  Not that I don’t think Damon is great at driving it… it’s just that I feel so powerless unbalanced while he’s  steering it!  But he and Wesley are great at it.

We got to the beach and got two chaise lounges and an umbrella for half price… only 100 Thb instead of the normal 200.  Wesley and I bashed waves and swam for about an hour before I came in to rest.  We bought a mango-strawberry fruit smoothie for 80 Thb and watched the sunset.


We got back home and ate cheese pizza (Wesley’s favorite) and drank Thai beer.

Like I said… an *almost* perfect day.


2 thoughts on “*Almost* Perfect Day

  1. You know the 100 Thai dollars you had to pay for the umbrella and chairs is worth an energy drink here. So jealous!!!! Miss you guys. Love the blog! 🙂

    • We’re loving it! The 100 Thb = 3.36 US and the smoothie was only 2.70 US Amazing! And we were sneaky and didn’t buy/bring any water. When Wesley got out of the ocean (and had a mouthful of salt water), he had to try the smoothie : ) Of course, he didn’t like it, but he tried it!

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