Phuket – Penang Visa Run

After three days of exhaustive research (Wesley hasn’t gone to school, the pool, or the beach in three days!) we’ve finally decided NOT to fly, but drive to Penang, Malaysia for our visa run.  I hope we’ve made the right choice.

I knew there were companies that would take you across the border to stamp in/out of a country… but I didn’t know there were ones that would do that AND take you straight to the Thai consulate for your visa application.  One-stop-shopping sounds pretty good to me.  Especially for this price.  We found KBV Visa Run that will pick us up on the main road in Kamala and bring us straight back (two nights later) with new visas stamped in our passports!

And it’s only 4000THB per person?  Sold!

We were looking at airfare of at least 17,000THB, a Penang hotel for FIVE nights (because the flights were sold out), and who knows how much more for taxis, food, connections, etc.

Now we just have to get photocopies of our passports made and two more passport photos each… and we’ll be DONE.  We’ll apply for a Thailand tourist visa and get 60 days in the country.  We can extend another 30 days (if we choose) by paying another fee when our two months run out.

I like this option!


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