7,000 Thai Baht Later…

Well, the attempt to live off our final 10,000THB for two weeks lasted only a few days.

Shocking, I know.

But it really isn’t as bad as it looks.  We rented a motorbike… (which we REALLY need) for 2,000THB for two weeks.


It was costing us 200THB per cab ride to the beach or the store… and that’s only ONE-WAY.  We can sometimes catch the free hotel shuttle for one of the trips… but that still means we were spending 200THB to get back.  And one trip per day is 2,800THB for the two weeks… and it’s only ONE TRIP PER DAY.

So I can totally justify the rental of the motorbike.  The problem is that they also wanted a deposit on their bike.  That was another 3,000THB.  So we’re out half our money and it’s only been two days!

I have to believe we WON’T damage the bike and we’ll get our 3,000THB returned on the 21st of May.  So I’m not really counting that money as spent.  Besides, look how cute my guys are on the bike : )

They have a need for speed.

They have a need for speed.

This is how easy it is to go over-budget!


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