Two Weeks and 10,000THB


It’s May 9th.

Oh crap.  Is it really only May 9th?  We’ve been in Thailand less than 30 days and we’re already WAY over our monthly budget.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?  There’s always some exception to the budget… something that you HAVE to have.

It started with a Travelzoo deal for a resort in Khao Lak.  We bought the deal weeks ago… before we even bought our tickets to Thailand.  We knew we wanted to go for Wesley’s birthday, and at 100USD a night, we couldn’t say no.  But of course, then the exceptions came along.  

Did we want a pool-access room?  Hell yeah!  

Did we want room service?  Hell yeah! 

Did we want to go on an elephant trekking adventure?  Hell yeah!


Hello there… is your name Dumbo?

So here we are on May 9th and we’ve blown through most of our budget.  Damon had to head out to buy food and water today… and he needed to stop at the ATM.  We decided he should go ahead and get out the rest of our money for the month.  No more ATM withdrawals; no credit card purchases; no more elephant trekking.  We have 10,000THB and it has to last for 22 days.


Except for the visa run we have to make… 



1 thought on “Two Weeks and 10,000THB

  1. Well things will probably settle down as for as your expenses as soon as you learn all of the ropes.

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