Fish Spa

I’d like you all to note the date… I did this BEFORE the Kardashian (I don’t know/care which one) went to a fish spa.  And I dragged took my son and husband with me to experience the torture together!

Good times : )


The fish are chowing down on the dead skin on my feet!


Wesley lasted less than a minute : )


Damon didn’t offer nearly as much to eat as I did!

After the fish “dined” on my feet, I still had a lot of dead skin.  The technician said something along the lines of, “Wow, you have terribly rough feet.  Come in here and pay 300 Thb for me to remove it.”  I agreed and paid the $10 USD.  She took off so much dead skin it was unreal.  I don’t even want to know what deadly chemical she put on my feet… I noticed she wore gloves on her own hands though!  She didn’t want it touching her!

But I came home with super-soft toes.  That’s hard to come by in the land of flip-flops!


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