Moving Out and Moving On

Back in October of 2012 we made a decision… a BIG decision.  We decided that we would leave Austin (where we’d been living for the past two years), and travel to the beach for a year “off.”  We made a toast to seal the deal.

The boy did NOT like champagne.

The boy did NOT like champagne.

We decided that (along with many of our counterparts) we had too much STUFF.  Way too much stuff.  Beds, books, games, clothes… it was suffocating us.  In our 2 bedroom home we had so much stuff that it spilled over into the garage.  That was so full that we had more of our stuff in the family barn.

Besides feeling like we had too much stuff, getting up at 6:15am and yelling repeatedly at the boy to get ready for school didn’t seem like too much fun anymore.  Picking our way around the garage and trying not to topple boxes on our heads wasn’t much fun either.


So we decided to change things.  This is our blog of how/what we changed.


1 thought on “Moving Out and Moving On

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