We’ve arrived in Chiang Mai and I LOVE it : )  Damon came back from Chiang Mai over 10 years ago telling me he couldn’t wait to bring me here.  And now I know why.

PLUS we found a great apartment!



del_bedroom_thumThis is our homebase for the next month… and I couldn’t be happier!


7 thoughts on “Home

    • No… this is the condo we rented in Kamala. They know us here and have told us if we want to come back, they’ll find a spot for us : )

      We leave on the 29th to go to the house-sitting assignment on Koh Samui. It’s a MUCH smaller island than Phuket. I’m looking forward to it!

  1. It is a beautiful place. Is it getting hotter than blazes there now. We are getting into our summer now for real. However, we had a morning last week that it was down in the 60’s and not a lot of humidity. I spent most of the day on the deck reading, because I knew that kind of weather was not going to last forever.

  2. I got the email address for Damon from Mic and I sent him an email. I’m not sure he is getting anything from me because I haven’t received anything from him.

    I hope all is going well.

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAMON I hope you have a good day.

  3. It looks wonderful. I glad Wesley has some pets to snuggle.
    We are not doing much playing on the 4th. because Mic has hay on the ground so it has to be bailed just in case we might get some rain. Other places in Texas have floods, HIDEAWAY HAS DUST. My keyhole garden is doing just fine. I have 3 feet tall tomato vines and lots of blossoms. I have already had a few ripe tomatoes but none have ever gotten to the kitchen because I take a hand full of salt with me and just eat them. My garlic and onions are beginning to get large tops on the so I’ll soon be cutting them off so all the growth will go to the bulbs.

  4. The pictures of the apartment look very nice. I’m glad you are having fun.
    Give Wesley a big hug.

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